Honest Travels

The other day, I was riding the train to work, and the ticket-punching machine wasn’t working. This is pretty common, and what I usually do is find a conductor on the train and have him or her validate my ticket (I usually ride with a 10-punch pass). However, this time I couldn’t find a conductor, and I never saw one walk by while I was on the train.

When I got off at my stop, I contemplated it for a moment, and then I went over to the ticket puncher and validated my ticket on my way out of the station.


4 responses to “Honest Travels

  1. Yesterday I filled out a survey of downtown workers about their commute and whether they would ever use the bus. So, I gave them data, but frankly, I would never take the bus. Living 3 blocks from work has its advantages.

  2. Had some thoughts about this a couple of weeks ago, but..as always i tend to forget things like this.

  3. What? No new good turns in 2007?

  4. I’m not sure I understand this. Your good deed was to ‘not steal’? Perhaps I’ve missed something but it seems to me that you classified ‘not committing a crime’ as a good deed. That’s part of what’s wrong with society, you know. It’s very sad. There’s got to be better actions than this.
    Your honesty is not actively a’ good deed’. You just didn’t do a wrong one. Believe me, those are NOT the same thing. Society needs better than ‘I didn’t commit a crime’ in order to function happily.
    I admire your blog idea but this, frankly, irked and annoyed me- enough to comment, even!

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