What I’ve Been Doing

No, I haven’t given up on doing good turns.  🙂

I’ve just been busy.  I’ve tried to keep doing all the things I’ve learned this year (browse the archives to see what I mean), as well as keep doing new good turns.  However, I’ve just had a hard time keeping up with writing this blog.  Anyone who’s ever tried to blog consistently over a long period will know what I’m talking about — it requires a huge amount of time and effort.  What I didn’t want to happen was for blogging to get in the way of trying to keep improving (or any other important parts of my life, really).

Recently, I’ve found a couple things that I’d like to write about, so hopefully, with time permitting, I’ll get back to more regular postings.


3 responses to “What I’ve Been Doing

  1. Glad to hear your still out there doing good turns!

  2. prodding us along by writing this blog is a good turn in itself – but you can’t count it more than once

  3. Hi! My son e-mailed me your link as he is also a “Tree-Hugger” and pretty much feels the same way as you do about the environment. I try to do my best to respect the earth also…but thanks to my son I have become more aware of the dire necessity to do so. I was surprised to learn that they do not recycle in NYC? My husband said they used to. Why is it that they dicontinued recycling? Thank you for a reply!! Please check out my website. I have been promoting kindness amongst humans for 20 years now. The website is, http://www.bekindweek.org May I place you on my friends list? I would also appreciate it if http://www.bekindweek.org could be a part of your list of contacts. The more people who know about BK2HK the better! I am also preparing a new website called BeKindtoOurWorld.org It is still under construction. Thanks again-and I sure hope the city starts to recycle!!! With Much kindness sent your way…Lorraine http://www.bekindweek.org

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